From The Desk Of The Chairman

The NGO was established and registered in January 2010 in New Delhi, under the founder chairmanship of Mr. Musharraf Hussain and was named as “Relief Organization for Students, Handicapped and Needy” which is in short referred as ROSHAN. The main objectives of the NGO are to uplift the poor people and weaker section of the society by providing them with the knowledge to face the challenges of the modern world, to educate them, to create awareness among students for control of drug addiction and alcoholism, to open and arrange education centers, to establish and run libraries, to provide employment opportunities.

The NGO has also been working regularly on providing emergency relief to victims of natural calamities in Delhi and other states of India. ROSHAN NGO has been distributing blankets for needy, helping people who are fighting with different kind of diseases, helping students who are not able to afford college and school fee, helping widowed women. The NGO has also organized several medical camps and has opened a charity based dispensary to take care of the health of the poor and needy people. A library too is being run under the NGO.

ROSHAN NGO proposes to extend services related to relief of poor, widowed, needy and below poverty line families in rural and urban areas by providing them the required material for the ease of their lifestyle.

We do hope you will support the good cause generously. Almighty Allah may give you equal reward for it.

We request you to participate in the good deed of great importance to the people in distress by donating a small part of your income which could be helpful to many.

Mr. Musharraf Husain